Gabrele Dipas

Ozieri, 1980

Member of ICoDeS (Group of studies of Interculturality and Decolonial cooperation), Seville. Studies in Philosophy and Pedagogy. Co-founder and ex-CEO at Abracadabra Onlus, a creative social cooperative awarded in 2013 by the Regione Autonoma di Sardegna due to «the effective integration between economy, environmental and social sustainability».

Active in documentarism, comunity based art and social cooperation since 2004. In 2014, co-designed and coordinated the international Clandestine Integration project: an experience of interculturality and co-integration between countries of south and north of Mediterranean sea. The research carried out during this experience has been presented at the conference Atravesando fronteras: realidad y representación en el Mediterráneo promoted by UNIA (International University of Andalusia).

In the year 2011 he realized the documentary CIE: L’altra faccia della sicurezza, an investigation about the situation in the Centers of identification and expulsion for migrants in Italy. The last documentary, El Joven (2018), co-realized with Clara Puente has been part of the program Visiona 2018, (Huesca, Spain).

With his plastic work he has exhibited in several collective exhibitions, among the most significant:


2022 Lincoln, Centro Criativo El Obrador, Buenos Aires (Argentina).
2018 Entre Lignes, Sadika Art Center, Gammarth (Tunisia)
2017 Polarisation, Galerie Alain Nadaud, Gammarth (Tunisia).
2015 La Joie, Galerie Alain Nadaud, (Gammarth, Tunisia).

Art Residencies:

2021 Ossoinfuga, Art residency Program, Fermil (Portugal)
2019 Comunitaria; Contemporary Art and Social Processes, Lincoln (Argentina).
2018 Museo de Arte Rupestre, Mação (Portugal)
2018 Instituto Terra e Memória, Santos (Portugal)
2018 VI Apheleia International Program, Mação (Portugal)
2017 Sadika International Residency Program, Gammarth (Tunisia)