My work is first and foremost an attempt to reflect on social and cultural objects starting from meta-violent particles suspended in the normalized.

I like to speculate, recursively interrogating social objects that somehow perturb me, in the attempt to visualize the underlying imaginary that constitutes them.

Investigating the topological properties of relational geometries, as well as traversing invisibilised practices and symbologies to populate them with small contra-praxis in an attempt to inject movement into the sculpturified instances of the everyday.

I have no particular affection for any particular technique, nor for the object itself. The object is possibly just a marker useful to construct the path of the explorable. In this sense I like the ready-made as much as the performance, the assemblage of any kind, the proper and improper use of materials and the material as well as its opposite, the immaterial. Absence as much as presence.

The subject of each work generally determines its own form and I am in no way concerned with the search for coherence. I consider each work as an independent mulltiverse and I particurally enjoy, let the subject itself lead me through the possibilities it suggests.